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Staffing Services for Sales Office and Other General Office Environments

Fill short-term positions in your company through the staffing services of On-Site Temps, Inc. in Naperville, Illinois. We offer human resources for sales office and other general office environments.


Home Builders and Sales Associates

Employees from On-Site Temps, Inc. are trained to understand and meet the needs of home builders and sales associates in the absence of your permanent sales staff for vacations, meetings, or illnesses. We can provide your employees with the peace of mind they need to have time off when needed and be assured that the sales offices are staffed with qualified personnel.

Proven Track Record

On-Site Temps has a proven track record in the industry with a specific focus toward builder needs and their unique requirements. We are set apart by our specialized staffing services where we design a program that fits your business needs. Through this we are able to support your projects. While there are definitely a lot of other temporary staffing agencies out there, our recruiting expertise has already been tried and tested by many home builder companies. Going to us for assistance will simplify your tasks and help you focus on your objectives to reach success.